Terry Tillaart's Blog on Breast Cancer, amalgam fillings, root canals and essential oils amazing curing abilities!

This is information is from my good friend Terry Tillart and I've copied and pasted it from a couple of his replies to other discussions cause the info is so good wanted it on it's own page.

Breast cancer has some very definitive links beyond acidosis and what the MSM would have people believe about Cancer. Breast cancer has a few main causes that seem to be at the root of most all problems I have ever seen or heard of. 1) Is dental issues, most women who removed their amalgam fillings properly along with the root canals almost all revert back to good health without any other intervention (I would recommend they do many other things but this is a huge factor). 2) Is hormonal problems but there are herbs and even common dietary choices that can largely affect and regulate these imbalances. 3) Iodine, is almost always a major factor in breast cancer and there are many women who have got their tumors to regress through topical iodine application on the tumor itself.

There are no magic bullets when dealing with any illness but it is amazing what can happen when the main causative factors are addressed properly.

Two other points I wanted to make on this issue.

1) For those who are looking for healthy screening, you should choose Thermography.

2) "It is estomated that 95% of cancers result from damage to DNA during a person's lifetime" (American Cancer Society, 2008). Given this fact, it is important for people to understand that all dis-ease is really this at it's core and Nature has provided us with many ways to restore DNA, my 2 favorites being Therapeutic grade essential oils and minerals....

2 More things.....

I would avoid Biopsies like the plague they are nick-named the kiss of death in the alternative world (I would if I were you), because they cause the spread of the malignant cells.

Anyone who is in "remission" or has at some point signed up for conventional treatments should embark on some extensive detox to repair the damage that was caused by that toxic route....

Ian Jacklin - Very well said Terry. You really know your stuff. Interesting about the amalgam fillings being specific to breast cancer cases. Is that what you are saying? As opposed to other types of cancer you have info that for some reason breast cancer is very connected with mercury in fillings? And the iodine thing could you expand on that a bit? And do you have any testimonials for people curing cancer using oils? I see you post a lot on this subject and I really have only heard about it but don't know anyone that has used them?

Terry -  Thanks Ian. I have done my homework on this and many health subjects, it helps that I love learning so over the years I have spent a ridiculous amount of time studying and reading and I also have several personal friends who are health practioners who run the gamit of backgrounds. I am close friends and on faculty here this also gave me some great exposure to very different schools of thought.

Amalgam fillings will play a role in all illness because of the toxicity of mercury. Have you seen the smoking teeth video? That said, breast cancer has a very serious link to dental issues, mercury and root canals and nickel in the crowns. In fact, I have heard stories about many people simply cleaning up dental and doing nothing else. As I am typing this I am looking for some of my research on this, I have some great stuff put together somewhere. In the meantime consider this.

Boyd Haley, Ph.D., a researcher, at the University of Kentucky has estimated that 75% of root canalled teeth are infected. Another researcher, Hal Huggins, DDS, has shown that the toxins liberated by infected root canalled teeth are almost 1000 times more toxic than botulism. Botulism is the most toxic substance known.

In so far as dental problems go there are 3.5 core problems with it. 1) The toxicity from mercury continuously being gassed off. 2) Root canal infections and Botulism type toxicity coursing through the veins, and the infection in the teeth is almost impossible to kill given the very limited blood flow there, unless one visits a Biological dentist. 3.5) When you have a root canal, which is leaving dead tissue in the body or mercury in the way some very important things are happening, the first being that the meridian system, which science has proven exists runs through the jaw line and when you block off one of the major channels than energy is not flowing to other parts of the body properly and this is usually connected to the breast meridian in breast cancer patients. The other major issue which is wholly connected is that we are bio-energetic and improper dental procedures screw up the electrical energy potential in the system and cancer can only occur, like all illness, within specific frequency ranges.

In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, a division of Eastern Washington State University, developed new equipment to measure electrical frequency in humans and foods. This equipment was used in a research study at Johns Hopkins University to determine the relationships between frequency and diseases. Tainio found the average frequency of a human body is between 62 - 78 Hz, the upper body being between 70 - 78 Hz and the lower from 62 - 70Hz.

As essential oils are very high frequency molecules, ranging from 52MHz - 320MHz, they are able to raise our overall body frequency (which is 62-78 Hz when in its healthy range) every time we use them.

The correlation is really high, I have the info somewhere if you really want it, I can dig. Even without the numbers the logic of it all makes perfect sense. See the stuff I posted on Botulism today on FB inspired by this conversation.

Here is some great info on Iodine.

There are many people that have cured their cancer using oils, but it is like any and all therapies out there anyone seeking a magic bullet is being foolhardy. I specialize in combining various strategies and trying to navigate the minefiled of what can be combined and what cannot and of course I am huge on minerals and real comprehensive detox.

There are 110,000+ medical journals just in english on Essential oils so they are very well documented. They destroy parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses etc etc...and cancer is A FUNGI! They are the highest frequency substances on earth and there is a clear relationship between frequencies and cancer, they have been proven to help restore DNA, which is the root of all illness. "It is estimated that 95% of cancers result from damage to DNA during a person's lifetime" (American Cancer Society, 2008). Oils do much more than this but their link to cancer is unbelievably strong.

Here is a small booklet in PDF on some of the EO vs Cancer research

Here are a few testimonials:


The skeptics are always out there. But how can Dr. Friedman, who is a
medical doctor, have had such success with so many people? And what about
Dr. Young, who has had many successes with cancer patients? The FDA will not
allow us to share testimonials unless they are ours. Well this is mine! I am
alive today and the ONLY things I did, the ONLY supplementation and oils,
were from YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS. I used them for I trusted the quality
and purity of these products. I trusted Dr. Gary Young ! You may draw your
own conclusion. I know that my body felt the healing powers of these
products and to my last days on this earth, I will shout from the roof tops
my story. I want cancer patients to have a fighting chance and options! That
is why I share my story.Oils are 80 times stronger than herbs. Isn't it
interesting that I was able to go in remission the second time in 1/8th the
time it took me the first time, when I only used herbs? And I was three
as sick.

Each person must choose their own path to heal. There are times when the
medical profession should be involved. I appreciate doctors and am grateful
for the modern medicine. I believe with an alkaline diet and these oils, I
created life again within myself. For me, I believe these products brought
me strength and took away the tumors. I am thankful to God and I am thankful
to Dr. Gary Young for being an example to me of not giving up when he has
his own challenges to conquer. Thanks Dr. Young for getting your
knowledge of the oils out to America! Thank you for not quitting when you
have had your own obstacles!
These oils are for the world. I invite you to learn more about them......

In April 2002, I was looking for something to help with my very low White Blood Count (WBC). One year prior to this I had been treated with chemotherapy and radiation for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It just so happened I was in a health food store one day attending a health presentation where I met Judy Loveda. She asked me if I had ever tried a drink called NingXia Red (then known as Berry Young Juice). I replied, 'No'. She showed me the bottle and wondered if I would be interested in listening to an audio tape about it. So, I agreed to do so. When I learned from it that the WBC could be increased by 700% in 2 weeks, I told her that I would like to start on a bottle right away. Amazingly, within a short time, drinking only one ounce (2 Tablespoons) per day, I began to find my energy levels increasing. A year later, the cancer clinic told me that my WBC was good and that I did not need to return to
them for any more check-ups.

Just recently while in Japan, a young woman of about 45 told me that
she had been told last summer that her uterine cancer had spread
throughout her body and she only had a month to live. The doctors
said that due to her condition, they were not able to offer surgery or
chemotherapy. After speaking with a Young Living leader there, she
took 10ml of orange oil every day, in capsules. She also rubbed
orange oil, frankincense, myrtle, sandalwood, and tsuga all over her
belly every day, and she drank 4-6 oz. of NingXia Red each day, as
well. She is now cancer free! These kinds of stories are starting to
surface, and even though they are anecdotal, they will help us help
others in the future! This is what keeps me going every day!

A personal story from one of the leaders in my organization:
"My Mother-in-law had a grapefruit-sized tumor on her only remaining
kidney. Her other kidney had been taken to cancer 5 years earlier.
The doctors could not treat her because of her deteriorating health so
she began to take 10 ml of orange oil in capsules. She took 2 full
capsules every 2 hours for eight hours a day. After 3 months the
tumor was gone. She continues to take 1-4 capsules of orange oil and
also drinks 2-4 oz. Ningxia Red every day. Her cancer has not
returned." C.D. Westwood, NJ

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